Adults - Jump-start your education, life and career by getting your GED in Kentucky

The nationally recognized GED® test offers you an opportunity to earn a GED® test credential. The GED® test is five tests that show you have the same level of knowledge as graduating high school seniors in reading, writing, math, science and social studies.

Step 1 - Make sure you qualify

To take the GED® test in Kentucky, you must:

  • Have a Kentucky address.
  • Be 19 or have reached the legal age of withdrawal in the local school district where you live and be withdrawn for at least 90 days.
  • Pass GED Ready , the official practice test.

Step 2 - Contact a local adult education center

Lots of help is available to help you prepare for the GED test.

  • Adult education centers in every Kentucky county offer free classes.
  • The adult education centers can also help get you started so you can study at home through KET's Fast Forward .
  • There are also online classes available through your local adult education center.

Step 3 - Take the test

The national fee to take the GED® test is $30 for each of the four modules which amounts to $120 for the complete test. The test can be taken at Pearson VUE/GED Testing Centers at numerous Kentucky locations. You can find a test center near you at the test center locator at

The GED® test is not available online anywhere. If you find a website that offers "official" GED® tests online, it is a scam. You can earn a GED® test credential only by going in person and taking the test at an Official Person VUE/GED® Testing Center.

Step 4 - Receive your results

You can view your test results online at If you pass, you'll receive your diploma in about a week.

Your Score

In 2014, test-takers will need to reach a score of at least 150 on each of the four content areas (Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies) in order to be eligible to receive a high school equivalency credential.
You can also demonstrate your higher level college and career readiness by earning a "GED® Honors" designation for any module by scoring 170 or above.

If you do not pass, you can study some more and take the test again.