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Welcome to KnowHow2GOKy - Kentucky's guide to college
SEPT. 28 - OCT. 2

You can finish, we will help! All of Kentucky's public institutions will waive application fees to those who apply during Project Graduate Week. Take advantage of the event to finish what you started!

Success stories

As a returning student with more than 80 credit hours at a public university or more than 30 credit hours at a community college, you have nearly finished your degree.

Select your college to discover the special offers it has for you.

Arrow Step 1 – Get qualified
Phase 1 of Project Graduate is limited to students who have earned 80+ credit hours toward a bachelor’s degree OR 30+ credit hours toward an associate degree. There are some exceptions, however, depending on the college. If you aren’t sure how many credits you have earned, request a copy of your transcript.
Arrow Step 2 – Talk to your college advocate
Every participating college has a dedicated Project Graduate advocate to help you navigate the paperwork and processes involved in getting back to school. Your advocate will help you evaluate your existing credits, develop a graduation plan and point you in the right direction to find the right adult learner resources for you.
Arrow Step 3 – Get funding
There are great incentives, but we all know that money may be the biggest barrier. Talk to your Project Graduate college advocate and learn about the financial aid options available to you.
Arrow Step 4 - Enroll
Now that you KnowHow2GO, the only thing left to do is to GO. The path may not be easy but you are already closer… get the cap and gown ready!

You're close to graduation - learn why you should finish your degree now

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