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Kentucky Transfer Students - Transfer timeline checklist

STEP 1 - Pick a major

  • Meet with an academic adviser or check with student services to learn about your campus resources related to career counseling.
  • Explore the Web and the library for career and major information.
  • Take career assessment tests to determine your interests.
  • Identify majors related to your field of interest.
  • Declare a major by submitting the appropriate official forms to your registrar's office.
  • Meet with a transfer contact and/or an academic adviser in your major at your current school to make sure you are taking appropriate courses to transfer.
  • Visit the transfer contact on your campus to begin your planning now.

STEP 2 - Make a plan

  • Attend transfer fairs and open houses, or arrange for a campus tour at schools you are interested in attending; be sure to schedule a visit to the department of your major.
  • Obtain transfer guides and admission information from schools you are interested in attending.
  • Meet with college admissions representatives at any schools you are interested in attending.
  • Identify the deadline for applying for graduation, and write it on your calendar.
  • Make your final decision about your transfer school.
  • Use KnowHow2Transfer to preview how your credits will transfer.
  • Meet with an adviser to review the transfer of your credits and ask if there are any transfers agreements available in your major.
  • Research financial aid options at your transfer school; contact the financial aid office to see if your current aid will transfer.
  • Find out if your transfer school accepts other types of credit, such as military training or professional experience.

STEP 3 - Make your move

  • Submit applications for admission, including degree program admission and housing applications.
  • Request official transcripts (from current and previously attended schools) be sent to your transfer school.
  • Obtain any transcripts for other types of credit, if accepted by your transfer school.
  • Submit your FAFSA form and indicate your transfer school on the form; If already submitted, update your form to include your transfer school.
  • Consult with the transfer school's financial aid office to transfer any financial aid you already receive and submit any institutional financial aid forms.
  • Apply for a transfer scholarship at your transfer school (if applicable).
  • Complete all necessary paperwork to apply for graduation from your current school.
  • Finalize residence hall or other housing arrangements.
  • Arrange to have your final transcript sent to your transfer college.
  • Take any necessary placement exams or proficiency tests at your transfer college.
  • Register for classes and attend transfer or new student orientation at your transfer college.